Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The indictment of Ms. Park Yu-ha, a professor of Sejong University who wrote the book titled as The Comfort Women of the Empire, was shocking news. I read the book. I do not agree with all what she said in the book, but found nothing that should be called “defamation” by the former comfort women. Is S. Korea a Mediaeval Society where people are looking for heretics? It appears there is no academic freedom, no freedom of speech and press in South Korea. The trial is the Inquisition practiced by the Roman Catholic Church in the 15th century, or a witch trial to torture a heretic. How can Japan get along with such a country so primitive and brainwashed by anti-Japan fanatic cult religion? We should break apart from the three-party alliance no matter what the U. S. says to us.

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  1. When you are forced to squat under the rule a imposing country that will literally slit your throat if you say one bad thing about them. Also, about academic freedom, how would you know? Are you Korean? Yes, I can tell you are Japanese, and when Koreans were under the rule of the Japanese, they didn't want educated Koreans rise against them, so school was just propaganda the Japanese government wrote so the children wouldn't feel oppressed as second class citizens to the Japanese. OF course you get most of your information from Japanese origin accounts, but the actual UN website said nothing of repeated apologies, just a sincere one to all the women who suffered would have sufficed, but Japanese decided that money would be enough to shut them up. I have nothing against, modern day Japanese people, in fact, I have quite a few as friends; I harbor anger against the people who denies this even happened, of that it wan't a big deal. You say the women left totally voluntarily, and the men didn't argue; well being under the rule of a country that is stronger than you can really hinder your strength in public opposition, possibly because, if you said any thing, you were shot, hanged, starved, taken as prisoner, publicly executed, and many other horrible things that the Japanese did in the PAST. They just wanted an apology from the Japanese government that would one, soothe their emotionally damaged women, but also admit that they did this and what they did was wrong.