Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Korean Troops and Comfort Women

More than 240,000 Koreans including Korean royal families and Park Chung-hee (later 5-9th ROK president) volunteered Japanese Imperial Troops. If 200,000 Korean girls were kidnapped and raped by Japan, what were those Korean men doing? Why didn’t the Allied Powers execute Japanese soldiers for it? Why didn’t South Korea accuse Japan of the comfort women when South Korea signed the Peace treaty in 1965? Why South Korea copied the comfort women system from Japan during the Korean War? And why South Korean keyboard warriors never answer those questions?  They just keep using dirty words and cursing Japan.

Below: Korean residents in Japan celebrate the promulgation of conscription upon Koreans at the palace in Tokyo (Asahi Shimbun Osaka, May 23, 1942)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

US Leaving UN Hunan Rights Council

I fully support the US’ leaving the council and strongly believe that Japan should follow the US’ decision. Japan and the US should leave the U.N. and tackle the world’s problems based on the Rising Sun and Soaring Eagle alliance.