Saturday, November 25, 2017

Comfort Women Madness in San Francisco

Why do Koreans want to build comfort women memorial statues everywhere around the world? What is the real meaning of the statue? As Japanese, I care about the reputation of our country and don’t want it to be damaged by false accusations. If the forced recruitment of a large number of girls and women actually took place, I will accept all criticism and accusations as the descendants of the wrongdoers. However, we know that Koreans are falsely accusing us with baseless rumors and just hearsay. All we want is a fair trial and fair judgment. Recently, I came across the following writings in the Star Advertise Newspaper site. ==== quote==== “People in the U.S. view the comfort women issue as a universal human rights issue that everyone needs to know and care about, says Phyllis Kim, executive director of the Korean American Forum of California, wo played a major role in convincing San Francisco to establish the memorial, in an emailed statement. Source: ==== unquote==== If the statue is truly the symbol of universal human rights issue, why do they single out Japan’s case? Where is the comfort women memorial of Korean women who were forced to become comfort women for the United States Army during the Korean War and thereafter? Also where is the memorial addressing the Vietnamese women forced to provide sex services for South Korean troops during the Vietnam War? We know that the inscription does not describe the true history and don’t want it be fixed on the stone or metal plaques. Therefore, I support the decision of Osaka Mayor to dissolve its sister city relationships with San Francisco, should the SF city major does not veto the city council’s decision to accept contribution of the statue to be included in the public property.

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